RACC Internship


Richmond  Adult Community College

I began my internship at Richmond Adult Community College at their Twickenham site in March 2014, where I had completed my BTEC Foundation Diploma in 2009. It was a little strange going back and seeing my old tutors once more. I met with Jera May, who is course manager at the college. She gave me a brief outline of the range of duties I would expect to undertake. The college offer iPad painting courses and I was told that this was something they would introduce to me after the Easter break.

  • Involvement in drawing and painting classes: It is my aim to one day teach portraiture and figurative art, drawing, painting and iPad art. In the first week at the college I had the pleasure to work with Peter Dodd. Dodd is a graphic artist and animator. He has worked on a number of well known films such as The Snowman.
  • Power point presentationDuring my MFA course there has been much exposure to self representation and the presentation of our practice. This has been challenging but also extremely important. Some students find public speaking very easy and others do not. I still find this aspect difficult,  particularly when in large groups. My confidence has grown in this area since the start of my art education but still needs to be worked upon. I was asked to do two presentations on my practice to a couple classes of HND and diploma students. I used Powerpoint to describe my journey through art education and share experiences of my progression.