Q Art Exhibition & Crit 2013



Q Art Exhibition December 2013

As a Q Art Crit participant I was invited, along with other participants, to exhibit work at the end of year show. The exhibition took place over the course of five days and was kick started with the private view. On the final day artists were invited back for a group critique.

The work that I exhibited was a piece I had originally shown in the Q Art October Crit, which was a small installation piece of a digitally created and printed tablecloth and two placemats. This was the third time that I’d had the work critiqued, once at college and twice with Q Art. Each time new and interesting observations were made, proving how valuable these critiques can be alongside the exposure to public speaking and self-representation. I find public speaking in large groups more of a challenge and appreciate this is something I need to work on. However, my confidence in this area has grown steadily since the start of my art education journey in 2008.

Interestingly this time, the audience didn’t immediately notice the table cloth and its’ design but focused solely on the place mats, the absence of chairs and size of the table. As with the previous Q Art crit, I had to borrow whatever table was to hand at the time. It wasn’t feasible at the time to transport my own. However, unlike the previous table I had used, this was a small, Bistro style which evoked the sense of presence of the couple. Furthermore, it was suggested I might look at creating several tables with place mats, creating a larger installation. I really liked this idea and is something I hadn’t thought about before. I think this idea of multiples, as opposed to something singular, could offer a more powerful impact and experience to the viewer. Until my table installation, I had largely worked on 2D multiples in the form of framed iPad collages for example.  I now think 3D offers greater scope in the presentation of the concepts behind my work but have yet to explore the idea of multiples and repetition in 3D.

The experience of taking part in out of college critiques with QArt has helped me understand and appreciate their importance in art education.  I plan to continue my involvement with Q Art alongside an Access to Teaching course, after graduation. With each stage of the MFA and previous art courses, the relevance of these critiques have highlighted the importance of seeing your work through the eyes others; even more so when the group is unknown to you. Interesting points of view arise, some of which can be surprising. The experience also has helped me to distance myself from my work and better understand constructive criticism as an aid to development.